EUNYUL [PACK OF 10] Natural Sheet Mask Pack 5 types Korean Skincare Facial Mask Pack Aloe, Collagen, Pearl, Hyaluron, Avocado Facial Sheet Mask

Use 1 sheet mask daily for 15 minutes to keep your skin moisturized and glowing.
  • 5 Types of Relaxing Hydration from Nature With Eunyul Natural Moisture Mask Pack, try a different pack every day!
  • 1 Pack 1 day with mild natural ingredients keeps your skin healthy.
  • For full hydration deep inside your skin: Aloe, Avocado
  • For gently soothing your rough skin: Pearl
  • For rich nourishment for your tired skin: Hyaluron, Collagen

How to Use:
1. After washing your face, arrange your skin with toner.
2. Put the sheet mask on your face.
3. Remove the sheet mask after 10~20 minutes.
4. Lightly tap the remaining essence for absorption

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