British Vogue | January 2024 | Eco Face

british vogue january 2024 emma watson cover

British Vogue’s January Issue celebrates a fresh start in sustainability. This month has brought together five cross-disciplinary sustainability trailblazers, featuring on three covers: actor and campaigner Emma Watson; model and Vogue’s contributing sustainability editor Amber Valletta; and finally we have a group of three incredible rising star designers, Priya Ahluwalia, Tolu Coker and Torishéju Dumi, who show how being environmentally minded in your work can be as normalised as it is inspirational. Sustainability in fashion is no longer a buzzword, it is a vital part of how the industry will progress, and how we can all revolutionise the future of our planet.

Priya Ahluwalia, Tolu Coker and Torishéju Dumi - British Vogue January 2024


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