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WIBE Co., Ltd. is a beauty technology company based in South Korea and the manufacturer of ECO FACE PLATINUM. Its goal is to “make products never before seen” through the convergence of beauty and information and communication technology (ICT). The company has deep roots in LED manufacturing. All products are proudly made in Korea.



Hi Jamie,
The silver is available now on our site! Be sure to check if there are coupon codes!
- Eco Face Platinum

Eco Face Platinum July 27, 2022

How do I order this in silver?

Jamie Horwitz July 27, 2022

Would you please share the Joules Red/NIR and the Intensity Red/NIR. All other companies of LED masks do. I would purchase if I knew what these were but if not I will purchase the Omnilux Contour.
I like to be an informed consumer and with out all information of this product I would have to chose another. Thank you!

Kelly Krzemien April 04, 2022

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