Welcome to your K-beauty journey! Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about ECO FACE.

For a copy of the instruction manual: Click here for the Eco Face LED Mask user guide.

Q. The mask glows red. Does it radiate heat?

  • A. No. You should feel almost no heat as the ECO FACE operating temperature is lower than the temperature of the skin.

Q. Does my skin type (dry, oily, combination) matter when using this product?

  • A. ECO FACE is compatible with all skin types. Users currently undergoing skin treatment and/or are suffering from a skin condition must consult with their doctor before using this product. Users who are pregnant, nursing or menstruating should limit use of this product as much as possible, as use of this product may destabilize hormonal balance and negatively affect skin.

Q. I want to use ECO FACE outside of Korea. Is it compatible with 110V in the US?

  • A. ECO FACE supports 100–260V. When overseas, please use a travel adapter. You can also use the USB cable with your own slow to regular charging AC adapter (5V and under) to charge the unit. Do not use fast-charging AC adapters or the handset will malfunction over time.

Q. It says that the LED mask comes with 120 LEDs. Why do I only see 60?

  • A. Each bulb contains 2 LEDs inside. 60 bulbs with 2 LEDs in each bulb totals 120 LEDs, which gives complete coverage of your face.

Q. When is the best time to use the mask?

  • A. ECO FACE can be used at any time of the day without issue, but according to dermatologists, better effects can be achieved when used between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. when skin regeneration is at its peak.

Q. Is my controller broken? It doesn't seem to turn on.

  • A. After selecting the desired number of minutes, wait five seconds for the mask to automatically turn on.

Q. What are the irradiance levels of the LED lights?

  • IR 86 mW/cm² and NIR 70 mW/cm²

Q. What are the joules and intensity levels for the Eco Face mask line?

  • 0.763 J/cm² and 0.63617 mW/cm²  

Q. What is the spectrum?

  • 1.56 mW/cm²

Q. Why are the free gifts only available to U.S. customers?

  • In order to reduce customs duties and import restrictions, we remove the free gift options to our international customers.
  • You will save money and time clearing your product through customs.

    For a complete list of FAQs, please visit WIBE LIFE.

    Click here for the Eco Face LED Mask user guide.


    Hi Michele,
    Absolutely, if you purchase any products from this website, you have a 30-day hassle-free no questions asked return policy.
    But we’re sure you’ll love the product!
    Eco Face Platinum

    Eco Face Platinum December 13, 2022

    I am wondering if there is a “Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back” regarding your products. If I buy a mask it will cost a lot of money for me, and I would like to have the option of returning it in case it doesn’t work well for me. Thank you!

    Michele B. December 13, 2022

    I purchased the original version of the ECO LED face mask and have been using it every other day for 20 minutes each day for the past month or so. I am seeing some results already. On the nights I use this device, I would wake up with glowing skin the next morning. Even my husband commented how my skin looks very glowy. I wasn’t sure at first if it was this led face mask or other topical products I’m using (i.e OTC retinol cream, etc). However, I noticed that my skin looks really good on the mornings after I used the mask. On the nights that I don’t use the mask, my skin just looks OK the next morning (not as glowy or plump) The directions said for best results use between 10pm to 2am. I typically use mine between 9pm and 10pm before I go to bed.
    My question is, can I use this device everyday for 20 minutes each day? Will there be any side effects in doing so. Thank you so much! I hope to hear back from you.

    Sara July 06, 2022

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