There is a one-year warranty on our Eco Face LED mask products. If you purchase from https://ecofaceplatinum.com or https://seoulite.tv you are eligible to receive limited repairs from our private service center based in the United States. All other customers must contact the manufacturer directly and ship their product to South Korea for repair.

To initiate repair service, please contact us at info@ecofaceplatinum.com with a photo and/or video of the problem along with a receipt of purchase. If you purchased your Eco Face LED mask from another vendor and would still like service in the United States, please e-mail us your inquiry and we will be happy to send you a quote.

Eco Face
Click here for the Eco Face LED Mask user guide.

Click here for the Wibe B1 Eye Care Solution user guide.

Repair requests are seldom but we have noticed one recurring issue that is easily fixed. If you drop your mask frequently or subject it to hard impact, half of the mask may not light up. This is because the LED panel unplugged itself within the unit. If you have the capacity to unscrew the unit, all you need to do is nudge the plug strip back into place. Click here for the Self-Repair Tutorial.