Eco Face Ranked BEST Hard LED Face Mask


Health News ranks the Eco Face LED beauty mask as its top pick for 2023! 

Best Red Light Therapy for Face in 2023: Review of Top 5 Brands

"These five devices offer a blend of cutting-edge technology and efficiency, making them some of the best-rated red light therapy for face solutions on the market. Each is tailored to meet specific needs, ensuring that you can find an option that aligns with your skincare goals.

We came up with a list of five tools with science-backed characteristics, that are easy to use, and that customers have reported good luck with.

Omnilux — best red light therapy at-home device for face
Vellgus — best portable red light therapy device
Eco Face — best hard red light face mask
ATaPa — best multipurpose red light therapy device
Solawave — best multifunction red light therapy device

The Eco Face Platinum LED Mask is a hard face mask that sports dual LED technology that targets the dermis and hypodermis layers beneath the epidermis. The 630 nm red light penetrates 2.5 mm deep to potentially rejuvenate collagen, while the 830 nm near-infrared light reaches a depth of 3.5 mm, potentially enhancing blood circulation.

Unlike other hard masks that weigh over 500 g, the ECO FACE mask is designed for comfort. Weighing a mere 230 g, it's crafted with open sections for the eyes, nose, and mouth to ensure breathability. The single-button operation makes it easy to use.

The mask contains 120 LED lights, split evenly with 60 red and 60 near-infrared rays. Each light module houses both spectrums, ensuring a comprehensive red light therapy application."

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