Eye Care Solution LED Mask (Silver)

$149 $299

Get a more youthful look with the power of LED technology. The Eye Care Solution LED mask aims to stimulate the collagen around crows feet and under eye areas with 48 simultaneous near-infrared and visible red light LEDs.

Skip the Eye Cream
Expensive eye creams have limited results because they only coat the surface of your skin. Go beyond to your dermal skin layer with precision-targeted 830nm and 630 nm red light LEDs. Can your eye cream do that?

Instant Relief
Need immediate results? Turn on the advanced heating pads to encourage blood circulation for the ultimate spa glow. Luxurious relief for those days spent in front of the computer or smartphone.

Easy to Use
Automatic 15-minute timer. Press button to turn on. Then press once for heating and LED. Press twice for heating only. Press three times for LED only. Recommended use: 3-4 times per week. Maximum use: daily.

Rechargeable and Portable
No batteries to replace. Recharge with USB-C cable. Wireless to go anywhere.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Specific results may vary. 30-day money-back guarantee.
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