Wibe B1 Eye Care Solution (Silver)

$159.99 $239.99

Now you can soothe your tired eyes and stimulate skin renewal for more youthful looking eyes. Rejuvenate your delicate eye area with the power of K-beauty LED technology instead of overpriced eye creams. The Wibe B1 Eye Care Solution stimulates collagen around crows feet and under eye areas with 48 simultaneous near-infrared and visible red light LEDs.

Thermal conduction provides relief to the eyes that are tired from the use of smartphones and computers. It relieves eye stress and improves skin conditions at the same time. How? Thermal conduction and LED light then reaches the subcutaneous tissues and capillaries to promote efficient blood circulation. 

Why do you need a heated eye mask

Meibomian glands produce meibum, which prevents evaporation of the eye's tear film. They can be blocked when external stimuli such as aging, fine dust, and makeup get accumulated and hardens the oil. Thermal conduction will melt the oil and unclog the blocked glands.

Expensive eye creams have limited results because they only coat the surface of your skin. Go beyond to your dermal skin layer where no skin care can reach through 830nm and 630 nm red light technology. Collagen production is stimulated at the same time blood circulation increases. You will notice glowing, radiant and healthy-looking skin!

This product has an automatic 15-minute timer. It's perfect for a power nap that doubles as an at-home dermatology treatment. There are three settings: heating and LED, heating only and LED only. The warming plates go up to 38 degrees Celsius to maximize safety and efficacy. Your eye care mask is installed with top-of-the-line LED lights manufactured in South Korea.

Why the B1 Eye Care Solution is Excellent

- Thermal conduction prevents dry eyes
- Safe light provides skin care around the eyes
- Easy to use one button operation
- Product reliability and warranty

The Wibe B1 Eye Care Solution is fully rechargeable via USB-C connector, which means you can recharge with your computer or standard USB AC adapter. (Do not use fast-charging AC adapters that come with top-of-the-line smartphones). There are no batteries to replace. And there are no additional creams to purchase. Since it's completely wireless and one-button operated, usage is easy and convenient!

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