Eco Face Platinum LED Mask (Gold)

$250 $400

Introducing the Eco Face Platinum LED Mask (Gold). This revolutionary beauty mask aims to encourage collagen production and improve your skin’s natural looking glow. 

Developed with a leading dermatologist, medical-grade LED lights penetrate deep into your skin’s renewal center. Dual spectrum (630nm and 830nm) technology delivers faster results.

Skip the expensive miracle creams and painful injections. Clinical participants reported smoother skin, brighter tone, improved circulation and more skin moisture.

Technology: 120 LED lights for full face coverage (60 red + 60 near-infrared).
Easy to Operate: Lightweight, portable, one-button control.
Recommended Usage: 10 minutes per day, 3-4 times per week.
Maximum Usage: 20 minutes daily.
Sustainability: Rechargeable, semi-permanent life span, no single-use components.

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Specific results can vary. Hassle-free money-back guarantee!

Get the advantage of anti-aging beauty tech at home.

Customer Reviews

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Jane Minshaw
Eco face led mask (gold)

Hi thank you for the led mask. Unfornately you were unable to send me the platinum mask. You sent me the original model but I don’t feel its as good as the platinum. Jane.

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