Eco Face LED Mask (Pearl White)

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How does it work?

Dual LED technology penetrates under your epidermis to reach the dermis and hypodermis where your skin's renewal center is located. The first 630nm red light goes 2.5mm deep to revitalize collagen. The second 830nm near-infrared light reaches 3.5mm deep to invigorate blood circulation. The dual LED spectrum works together to create a synergy effect for faster results.

Is LED quality important? Absolutely! Not all LED light therapy masks are the same. You need the precise wavelengths of light on your skin. Eco Face LED masks are installed with top-of-the-line LED lights manufactured in South Korea. Make sure to use only the best LED light technology for your face.

If you want real results, you need this mask

Even the most expensive wrinkle creams treat only the surface of your skin. To go deeper, you could wait for an appointment with an overpriced dermatologist. Retinol? What a messy method laden with side effects including irritated skin. 

Instead, go beyond the limits of skin care at home with dual LED light therapy technology from ECO FACE.

Two powerful, yet gentle LED lights work below the skin's surface to stimulate collagen production and smooth out skin problems.

Clinical trial participants reported the following benefits: smoother skin, brighter tone, improved circulation and more skin moisture.

Why Eco Face LED face masks beat the competition

- The quality of our LED lights are far superior and guaranteed to be calibrated to deliver true results.

- The weight of some other masks are 500g or more, which may burden the neck when continuously used. Our product, however, lowers the weight to 230g, and the one-button operation controller makes the mask comfortable to wear with open eyes, nose and mouth areas for full breathability and ventilation.

- The gel pad on the forehead/chin area can be attached and detached wherever you want, making it easy to share family members who have different facial structures.

- This is an electronic product that has no use limit by applying semi-permanent LED and is an eco-friendly product that does not generate waste unlike disposable mask sheets.


- This product contains 120 lights (60 red + 60 near-infrared). Each light nodule contains both spectrums of light.

Up close, the mask has a beautiful, yet subtle pearl-like finish. 

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