Why You're Wasting Your Money on Hope in a Jar

No matter how much hope you feel from an expensive and tiny jar of eye cream, are you happy with the results? High quality skin care is important, but there's a limit to how far it can reach into your skin. Only the top layers of your delicate eye region are moisturized. And with heavy creams, sometimes your eyes can look droopier from being weighed down by the product.

For the same amount of money as a department store brand eye cream, consider getting a quality LED mask that targets crows feet, dark circles and baggy under eyes. You can recharge the battery and use it again and again.

Not only is it more economical, the Wibe B1 Eye Care Solution uses dual wavelength LED red lights to stimulate collagen and improve blood circulation. You target the real underlayers of the skin where aging happens. Plus, the advanced heating mode offers real relaxation and relieves eye fatigue - much better than any cucumber slices can!

Take a 15 minute power nap with the auto setting and work on rejuvenating your eyes all at once!

Why the B1 Eye Care Solution is Excellent

- Thermal conduction prevents dry eyes
- Safe light provides skin care around the eyes
- Easy to use one button operation
- Product reliability and warranty

The Wibe B1 Eye Care Solution is fully rechargeable via USB-C connector, which means you can recharge with your computer or standard USB AC adapter. (Do not use fast-charging AC adapters that come with top-of-the-line smartphones). There are no batteries to replace. And there are no additional creams to purchase. Since it's completely wireless and one-button operated, usage is easy and convenient!

Why You Need a Heated Eye Mask

Meibomian glands produce meibum, an oily substance that prevents evaporation of the eye's tear film. They can be blocked when external stimuli such as aging, fine dust, and makeup get accumulated and hardens the oil. Thermal conduction will melt the oil and unclog the blocked glands.

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